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Product Engineer (iOS)

Diasyst - Medication Intelligence

Jan, 2017 - Current • 15 mos

Atlanta, Georgia

Research, development and support for Diasyst - Diabetes Management iOS application.

iOS Developer

Incept Development

Nov, 2016 - Current • 82 mos

Atlanta, Georgia

Research, development, support and distribute iOS applications.

iOS Developer


Sep, 2015 - Nov, 2016 • 14 mos

United Kingdom

Research, development, support and distribute iOS applications.

Web Developer


Jan, 2015 - Sep, 2015 • 8 mos

United Kingdom

Research, development and support for web applications.


Here are some of my work that I have created with some magic.

Diasyst - Diabetes Management


First of its kind, intelligent, and simple: finally a diabetes management app for you and your Healthcare Team that actually works!

Managing your diabetes is important, but it can be hard to do everything. We make it easy for you and your Healthcare Team. Diasyst connects what you do and what your Healthcare Team can do to improve your diabetes. As you record your glucoses, we help your Healthcare Team to manage and personalize your care.

Based on decades of research at Emory University, the Atlanta VA Medical Center, and Georgia Tech. Check with your provider for availability.



Rentila is the best rental property management software. Monitoring of rents and payments, receipts, reservations, monitoring of charges, inventory, furniture inventories, assistance with the declaration of property income ... The different stages of the life of the rental contract are covered by our application.



iVHC is a Vehicle Health Check platform available for automotive service centres. iVHC allows users to record and document concerns on vehicles and highlight these to the end customer.

The Daily Word


The Daily Word was created to try and make the painful standardized test vocabulary review process easier and more enjoyable. We do not expect you to prefer vocabulary review to seeing a movie or going to a party. But, hopefully this app can push vocabulary review close to or above cleaning toilets and eating lima beans on your love list.